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API Generation that scales

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Why Storcery?

Storcery is a cloud platform designed to replace a traditional server. Its intent is to create a development flow that allows you to focus solely on building out the front-end experience of your product, throughout its entire lifecycle, enabling you to focus on continuusly iterating over the right design and creating experiences that bring joy to your users.

The platform is centered around the common development stages for a product; Prototyping, Growth, Learning, and Expansion. Details on each stage and the features being developed to support it are listed below.


The core features of Storcery are focused on providing you everything you need to prototype your front-end ideas quickly.

We'll start by asking you to tell us what kinds of things your application needs us to store (such as Authors and Books) and what fields those things should contain (such as how an Author has a name and a Book has a title). Once you tell us that, we'll create an API endpoint just for your application with the following features:

JSON REST Interface





As your application grows and has higher demands on its performance, Storcery can grow right along with it. Storcery provides several options to make sure the experience stays a good one for all your customers. We provide options to tailor the rate limit and storage of your API to meet the needs of your specific application, and you can scale up and down as you need to, when you need to.

Behind the scenes, Storcery will make sure you have enough servers running to cover your needs, and that your database is large enough to support your customers.


Using a web service for your backend can feel a lot like giving up access and insight into your data. But with Storcery, it doesn't have to be that way. All Storcery applications come equipped with a dashboard that provides health metrics like response times, status codes, request rates, and storage capacity. For additional insight, we provide hooks for the following services:


If you connect your Storcery account with services like Loggly, we'll start sending you detailed request information.


If you're looking for usage patterns and trends, we integrate with services like and MixPanel, so you can build your own dashboards.

Custom Export

Web services can't tell you everything, so for the situations when you need complete access to your data, we also provide a custom export option. This is a full copy of all your data that you can import into a tool like Tableau and analyze to your heart's content.


API's change. For many applications this is unavoidable. Sometimes it's because additional endpoints are needed in order to support new features. Other times, it's because existing endpoints require modification as an application's value becomes clearer and the domain model becomes more refined. Knowing when and how to version your API can be tricky, and supporting multiple API versions without introducing bugs or regressions can be difficult.

Storcery solves this by taking an innovative approach to API versioning. Every change you make to your API is recorded using semantic versioning rules, and you can access any version of your API that you've created.